Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation (TM) seems to be building a kind of self-contained world within Iowa.

Some might see this as a kind of “cult compound,” rather than a conventional city.

However, six new modular dormitories will soon provide space at “Vedic City” for 1,600 more of the guru’s devotees, reports the Fairfield Ledger.

Maharishi’s public relations people say this will bring the community to some magic number, which they call “super radiance.”

The guru’s spokespeople also claim that some TM members can “fly,” based upon special flying lessons mandated by Maharishi. They are called “yogic flyers.”

Apparently within this special world created amidst Iowa farmland reality is a bit fuzzy. Could that be the result of living within a bubble created and controlled by one man? And will that bubble ever burst?

Well, probably not for the foreseeable future.

Expect to see more yogic flyers and other TM types landing in Iowa soon to take up residence within this strange domain and alternate reality.


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