The Independence Party of New York arguably swung one election, for the mayor of NYC, in favor of Michael Bloomberg.

But soon there may be “a seismic change in NY politics” facilitated by the party, which notably includes former “New Alliance Party” presidential candidate and Fred Newman disciple Lenora Fulani.

Pundits claim this planned change could make New York “a three-party state,” reports

NY law currently requires that voters enroll as a Democrat, Republican or Independence party member to be eligible to vote in party primaries. However, a proposed change would allow 2.5 million additional independent voters to vote in the Independence party’s primary.

This would be ten times the 260,00 Independence Party registration now.

What this ultimately may mean is the makeover of Fred Newman’s disciples, who occupy pivotal positions in the Independence Party’s power structure, into potential “king makers.”

Instead of just helping out a local benefactor like “Mayor Mike,” Newman and his “Social Therapy” crowd could garner much heavier statewide political connections and corresponding largesse.

Fred Newman and his following have often been called a “cult.”

Will this possible shift in NY voter registration provide for political power sharing with a “cult”?


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