Lisa Marie Presley supposedly has returned to the arms of her ex-lover John Oszajca, reports the Australian Herald Sun.

This on and off again relationship has an interesting history.

Three years ago Oszajca, a twenty-something musician, apparently almost marched down the much-treaded aisle with the Elvis heir.

But unlike her former husbands Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage, Oszajca was reportedly ready to jump into Scientology, which seems to be the required rigor for Presley’s grooms.

The only child of Elvis is probably now worth about $200 million. Last year alone she made $32 million, without the need to do anything more than count the receipts.

Presley is a hefty cash cow, even amongst Scientology celebrities

And Scientology seems to have its veritable hooks sunk fairly deep into the ever-growing Elvis estate.

The money Lisa Marie has given the controversial church through courses, training, contributions and/or bequests must total millions.

With so much money on the line it’s doubtful that Presley’s Scientology friends and/or handlers would ever encourage her to marry outside of the organization, which has been called a “cult.”

Whenever Presley ties the knot with a non-believer, it doesn’t last long. Her marriage to Cage didn’t even make it to an anniversary.

Elvis’s daughter has few kind words for ex-husbands Jackson and Cage, but she remains close to her first groom Danny Keough, who is a Scientologist.

Maybe Oszajca the musician would make an acceptable mate? If he doesn’t play back up for the aspiring singer Presley, he might make a good Scientology stay-at-home dad.


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