In a “no holds barred” interview run in Rolling Stone Magazine, Lisa Marie Presley supposedly speaks out frankly and about her life.

However, the article comes across as more of a promotional puff piece and often neglects important facts.

Presley attempted to dismiss reports that Scientology has often dominated her life.

The daughter of Elvis says, “If you know anything about my personality” — she laughs — “you ‘ll know that’s not possible.”

But it doesn’t appear the reporter knows anything, or at least he’s not telling.

Danny Keough, Presley’s first husband, was and is a deeply devoted Scientologist. The reporter notes he was there during an interview session, “home schooling” their two children in the next room.

Presley says, “He ‘s my absolute best friend in the world…this is the one man I [will] be connected to for the rest of my life.”

Then there’s Paige Dorian, “her assistant and friend of eight years,” also a Scientologist. And Luke Watson, another Scientologist, who is “documenting her recent life on film.”

Watson was reportedly once assigned to look after Presley by Scientology.

Dorian and Watson accompanied her for dinner with the Rolling Stone reporter. She explained “They live my life with me.”

Presley and Watson first met reportedly in Clearwater, Florida, a bastion of Scientology, where she took church courses. Presley was there so much that she bought a home in the area, which was later sold to Kirstie Alley, another Scientologist.

Like Alley Presley claims to have overcome drugs. She says, “I did drugs for four years.” But is quick to point out that this was before she significantly embraced Scientology.

Part of Scientology’s cure for drugs is called the “purification rundown,” which may have caused Presley subsequent health problems.

However, she says those problems were due to dental fillings.

Ironically, Elvis apparently loathed Scientology. According to members of his inner circle he once said, “F – – – those people! There’s no way I’ll ever get involved with that son-of-a-bitchin’ group. All they want is my money.”

Lisa Marie now ardently dismisses and condemns long-time Elvis insiders.

Presley’s marital history is strange and strewn with Scientology connections.

Twenty days after ending her first marriage with Keough she married Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic. Her first husband’s brother and wife, both Scientologists, witnessed that wedding.

The Jackson/Presley union ended after 20 months. And the lawyer that tied up the loose ends was John Coale, another Scientologist.

It was rumored that the Jackson marriage was a sham, concocted by the “King of Pop” and Scientology to neutralize an ugly sex scandal.

The Jackson marriage allegedly largely ended because the pop star made it clear that he would not be involved with the controversial church.

Presley’s most recent marriage only lasted four months.

Her third husband Nicholas Cage like Jackson, apparently wanted nothing to do with Scientology.

Obviously Lisa Marie Presley’s involvement with Scientology plays a very pivotal and influential role in her life.

The Rolling Stone reporter either didn’t care, didn’t dig deep enough, or apparently understood that such comments wouldn’t be appreciated.

It appears the heir to the Elvis estate has inherited more than her father’s money and looks, she seems to have a deeply troubled life too.


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