Leader of the “House of Prayer” Arthur Allen Jr. and two of his followers, failed to show up at court yesterday, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Warrants were subsequently issues for their arrest.

But it looks like Allen and two members of his group may have skipped town.

The three were sentenced to probation for the brutal beatings of children within the church, but failed to meet the requirements of that sentence.

Allen appeared arrogant during trial, often stating his practices were somehow “God’s” ways and that he would never submit to any worldly authority, such as the laws of Georgia.

It now looks like he was serious.

The two parents also convicted for “child cruelty” and placed on probation said not allowing them to whip children violated their “religious convictions.”

It appears that Allen and his devoted disciples may soon be practicing their faith behind bars. And the worldly authority that might eventually govern their daily lives could be prison guards.


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