A man who recruited former members of Amish sects to become his followers was sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence for sexually abusing a minor child, reports the Holland Sentinel.

Wilbur Eash 50 claimed he had “supernatural powers,” but relied upon the power of influence over his followers to target and prey upon children. The leader reportedly sexually abused three boys.

In 1990 Eash and his group drew publicity when an Amish family hired a “deprogrammer” in an effort to free one woman from the cult leader’s control. That effort failed.

At the time other groups called “cults” launched a nationwide campaign to discredit the deprogrammer Ted Patrick, falsely claiming he had attacked the Amish and their beliefs.

However, Eash’s followers were clearly only former Amish and not in any way affiliated with a recognized Amish sect.

Now Eash is no cause for press releases claiming he is somehow a victim of “religious intolerance” and/or “persecution.” And it is obvious that the family’s fears about his character and conduct more than a decade ago were justified.

When sentencing Eash the judge sternly said, “At least while you’re down there (in prison), you won’t harm any other little boys.”

The sexual predator may be 65 upon release. It is doubtful he can effectively run his “cult” from a prison cell.


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