The International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) commonly called the “Hare Krishnas” lost in court again, reports Associated Press.

A judge told the group, which has often been called a “cult,” they cannot wander within municipal airports hawking books.

Instead the court ruled that book sales and solicitations in airports must be restricted to designated booths or boxes.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles International Airport said it’s time “to go back to the boxes.”

However, ISKCON’s lawyer apparently believes that annoying travelers in an airport is a constitutionally protected right and he intends to pursue further litigation.

This court case appears to prove; not much has really changed at Krishna.

In recent years ISKCON has insisted it has “changed,” in an ongoing public relations effort seemingly initiated to offset lawsuits filed against it by children once abused within the group’s boarding schools.

But it appears in the abuse class action lawsuit that is still pending, like its airport litigation, Krishna prefers to pay lawyers rather than seriously seek any meaningful settlement.

ISKCON remains a deeply authoritarian organization. Many of same leaders who ruled over Krishna devotees during its worst period of trouble, which included criminal indictments, are still in positions of power today.


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