A new website dedicated to the sci-fi novel “Battlefield Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard offers “vivid multi-media excitement,” touts a press release on iWire.

But Hubbard is actually best known as the founder of Scientology, which has frequently been called a “cult.”

And for those that don’t remember “Battlefield Earth” was made into a movie starring Scientologist John Travolta. The critics overwhelmingly panned the film. In fact, it won the not-coveted “Razzie,” and was nominated for “the Worst Movie of the 21st Century.”

After that “stinker” Travolta’s career seems to have been largely on a losing streak.

Never mind.

The press release calls the book the movie was based upon an “epic novel” and “compelling saga.” Even though one critic writing for USA Today essentially said this story is “deeply dumb” and “depressingly derivative.”

The new website “Battlefield Earth.com” has “interactive features, special sections, and free downloads.” And noted musician and Scientologist Chick Corea is featured in a special performance.

But if you want to hear the jazz musician play you must first fill out a form on line, which includes your name, email address and zip code.

Visitors also are told they can subscribe to “Battlefield Earth News.”

Hmmm, is Scientology trying to develop an e-mailing list?

However, you won’t find the word “Scientology” easily on this site, not even within L. Ron Hubbard’s biography.


It seems strange that Scientology, which controls the rights to “Battlefield Earth” and this website, doesn’t want to focus on the crowning achievement of its patriarch.

FYI–they also left a few details out of that bio.

Interestingly, many say that Scientology is actually based upon a sci-fi story concocted by Hubbard.

Could it be that Scientology is hoping the new website might afford a new avenue for recruitment? The site does seem to be skewed towards kids, it even has a “teacher’s guide” and a “lesson plan.”

What’s up with that?

Parents watch out; your children just might get into more than you bargained for while surfing the Internet.


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