Today with tension mounting between the United States and North Korea, what can be done to promote better relations?

How about children called “Little Angels” performing precision drills to John Phillip Souza? And what if they did a rendition of “Amazing Grace” woven into a medley of Korean songs?

These are some of the routines a troop founded and still funded by Rev. Moon of the Unification Church can do. They recently went to Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital as “ambassadors of peace,” reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The general director of “Little Angels” is the daughter of an old follower of Rev. Moon, but claims, “There’s nothing religious.”

However, given the history of the Unification Church and its hundreds of front organizations used for recruitment and to advance the personal agenda of its “messiah,” it is difficult to believe these “little angels” are totally innocent.

The children might be earnest, but Moon has used sincere people in the past to advance his purposes, which don’t appear angelic at all.


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