Landmark Education, which runs a controversial large group awareness training (LGAT) program called the Forum, is encouraging its graduates to devote time to community service projects.

In the past the private for-profit company has generated many negative news stories, serious complaints and lawsuits, but now it seems to be looking for some good press.

Some Forum participants have linked breakdowns to the intense pressure, catharsis and stress within the long weekend seminars.

But despite that history the organization is reaching out within communities, perhaps to burnish its image or maybe to stimulate interest and enrollment in its courses.

Two such efforts recently popped up in local newspapers.

A Landmark devotee is staging community dances for seniors. She says it’s “one of her assignments from the Forum,” reports the New Jersey Express-Times.

Another Forum graduate started a quilting project. She said it is “a requirement for a self-expression and leadership class she is taking through the Landmark Education Corporation,” reports the Pioneer Press.

So the lucrative San Francisco based business founded by Werner Erhard and once called “EST” has apparently decided to become known for good deeds instead of controversy.

Well, maybe.

But it looks a bit contrived to be an expression of genuine altruism.

Why not help out community charities with much needed cash during these difficult times?

Landmark certainly seems to have plenty to spare, it takes in more than $50 million annually.


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