Addressing a gathering of his followers this month at an Arlington, Virginia hotel Rev. Sun Myung Moon went into an anti-Semitic rant. At one point the leader of the Unification Church claimed Hitler’s murder of 6 million Jews was the fulfillment of “the principle of indemnity,” reports the Unification News.

Moon called upon Jews in his audience to “raise [their] hands” and told them, “Jewish people, you have to repent. Jesus was the King of Israel. Through the principle of indemnity Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That is why. God could not prevent Satan from doing that because Israel killed the True Parents. Even now, you have to determine that you will repent and follow and become one with Christianity through Rev. Moon.”

Of course Moon believes everyone must follow him.

The self-proclaimed “messiah” also told the gathering, “If you follow Rev. Moon, you will not go down. In the future those who hear my words and believe will go to heaven, those who don’t will not.”

Uh huh.

Moon also alluded to the political party he will soon launch in Korea, reports the Korea Herald.

He stated, “To unify Korea we must unify church and state. We must establish a political party and then unify church and state.”

I wonder who Moon thinks should run this hoped for theocracy? Something tells me he thinks it should be him.

Some say the 82-year-old “cult leader” is senile and often incoherent. However, he still maintains absolute control over his followers and a vast financial empire.

Moon continues to control the Washington Times and United Press International and has courted substantial influence amongst prominent senators, congressmen and religious leaders such as Rev. Jerry Falwell.


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