L. Ron Hubbard lived the “good life” and apparently this included riding around in style back in the 60s.

While some of his devoted following probably managed on less, especially full-time Scientologists known as “Sea Org” members, it seems Mr. Hubbard traveled in style within a luxurious custom built Lincoln stretch limo.

And now you can have the Hubbard experience.

Not by paying for costly courses through his creation Scientology, but by riding around in the founder’s old limo.

That is, if you’re the highest bidder at eBay.

Yes, the 1966 “stretch limo originally built by Ford…for L Ron Hubbard” is up on the block. And the starting bid is only $10,000.00

Like the seller says this is “unique transportation” and “one of a kind.”

However, as of this morning, there are no bidders.

Maybe Scientologist John Travolta, an avid buyer of luxury cars and jets, should take a look?

But beware.

Reportedly, according to Scientology invisible alien creatures from outer space called “Body Thetans” negatively influence earthlings.

Hubbard claimed that these “BTs” could be dealt with effectively through his “technology,” though this can get pretty pricey—after all how do your think that limo was paid for?

Perhaps potential buyers of this piece of Hubbard history should therefore be cautious?

Could the car still have a lurking residue of those pesky little BTs hanging around within its “red interior”?

The odometer shows 80,000, assumedly all on this planet.


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