The bone collector?

In New Jersey a woman is accused of leading a “cult” based upon “Palo Mayombe,” a religion with roots in West Africa, reports The New York Post.

The alleged “high priestess” was arrested in connection with human remains stolen from cemeteries, which are then supposedly used for rituals and incantations.

Sounds strange, but the courts are now involved. The “priestess” plead innocent and is now being held in jail pending $500,000.00 bail.

Certainly families of the deceased and the public want to be assured that the dead rest in peace. But let’s hope this doesn’t degenerate into a modern day witch-hunt and/or sensational Salem-like trial.

If the excessive bail set is any indicator, the matter may have already drawn a disproportionate amount of attention.

Certainly the alleged crime is distasteful and offensive, but no one has been charged with murder or a violent crime.


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