The man known for one of the worst scandals amongst evangelical Christians during the 20th Century, is now attempting to make a comeback in the 21st.

Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker 63, convicted for fraud and sentenced to prison for cheating 150, 000 “lifetime members” of his former PTL Club, has resumed his TV career.

After making parole in 1995 Bakker immediately attempted to resurrect his seemingly dead vocation. First he worked quietly away from the cameras, apparently hoping to resuscitate his credibility.

But now with the help of a still loyal fan he is back on television. The “Jim Bakker Show” is currently being broadcast from a café in Branson, Missouri, reports the Charlotte Observer.

The TV preacher apparently is hoping for miraculous success. He claims, “Everywhere you look, there’s a miracle,” reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But it will probably take a really big one to sustain interest in this fallen minister, who seems hopelessly past his prime.

In an understatement Bakker admitted, “I know there are some people who won’t like me.”

What happened to the other half of the dynamic Bakker duo, which once graced televangelism?

The flamboyant Tammy Faye Bakker divorced her husband during his prison term and moved on to another man once associated with their ministry.

But she did remain faithful to the over-application of mascara, that is her trademark. A recent documentary chronicled her bizarre life, titled “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.”

The senational film received decidedly mixed reviews. One critic said, “I came away with the same trashy opinion I had of her before this ‘mock’ documentary.”

The former Mrs. Bakker now over 60 has developed a “cult following” within the gay community, who apparently find her over the top appearance and “drama queen” status appealing.

Tammy Faye took her act on tour and she has a road show called “Doing it My Way.”

There was a bit of a glitch though regarding millions of dollars owed in back taxes, but the Bakkers seem to have somehow miraculously overcome that problem.

“Jay” Bakker, Jim and Tammy Faye’s son, went into the traditional family business. He calls his style of preaching “coffee house” evangelism. Maybe he will grab a cup at his Dad’s café set soon?

Bakker Jr. went through a booze binge before he repented and reformed. He says, “If sins could keep us out of heaven, no one would go.”

Many Christians that the Bakkers bilked would agree and seem willing to forgive them.

However, though Jim and Tammy Faye may doctrinally expect salvation in the hereafter, is there really any earthly reason they should receive respect?


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