Today the Montel Williams Show was supposedly devoted to children abused through the use of prescription psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin, specifically given to alleviate the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD).

The talk show host claimed, “We just want the truth.”

However, there was more to this program than met the eye.

The featured organization on the show was the “Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (CCHR), founded by Scientology in 1969, which is an anti-psychiatry “watchdog group.”

CCHR’s international president once described psychiatry as a “malignant disease” that “threatens society and ultimately mankind.”

Montel’s guest today, CCHR president Bruce Wiseman agreed publicly with that statement. And during the show also compared “your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist,” to drug lords in Columbia.

At no time did the talk show host explore the wider agenda of the CCHR and/or its antipathy for the entire mental health profession.

Instead, Montel chatted up Scientology celebrity Juliette Lewis who appeared with Wiseman.

At one point the actress excitedly urged her audience to make “drug manufacturers and psychiatrists…accountable.”

Then there were cameo clips by other Scientology notables, Anne Archer and Catherine Bell. These two actresses chimed in their support for the CCHR and its war against psychiatric drugs.

However, despite the heavy Scientology lineup, the “S” word (Scientology) was never even uttered.

There was likewise no balance whatsoever, despite the fact that many of the claims made by the CCHR have been labeled “preposterous” by experts.

Montel offered up instead “expert” Mary Ann Block, a CCHR board member and award winner.

Block was introduced as a “doctor,” but is neither a psychiatrist, psychologist or even an M.D. She is an osteopath.

Block claims that ADD is a “made-up, psychiatric label.”

Ironically, the Association of Osteopaths, which represents Block’s specialty, officially recognizes the disorder.

This was just another fact never mentioned by Montel.

The talk show host seemed somewhat caught up in the formatted furor about Ritalin; he plaintively compared the fate of children prescribed psychiatric medication to “crack babies.”

Montel then added furtively, “Someone’s making a lot of money of our children,” an apparent reference to Scientology’s nemesis the “drug companies.”

Sadly parents and children, who are not Scientologists, but appeared on the program today, seemed like props manipulated by Scientologists to promote their agenda.

This is not the first time Montel’s show has essentially been co-opted by Scientology and served much like an infomercial for the controversial organization, which has been called a “cult.”

Earlier this year Montel repeated a program with Scientologist Kelly Preston, wife of Scientologist John Travolta, that touted the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

The Preston show, just like the recent one, didn’t mention Scientology and instead was supposedly about “environmental toxins” that hurt kids.

It seems that Montel has either gone from dumb to dumber, or is so desperate for celebrity appearances to boost his ratings, he will shill almost anything.

Has Montel become a Scientology stooge?


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