A woman in California who was jointly responsible for the starvation death of her 19-month-old son was sentenced to ten years in prison this week, reports Associated Press.

Upon sentencing Mary Campbell burst into tears and said, “I’m filled with guilt, anger, sadness about what has happened. I have caused a lot of pain. … I’m trying to understand what has happened.”

But despite the woman’s seemingly genuine remorse, nothing can bring back the life of her child, who suffered an agonizing death at the hands of his mother.

Campbell’s lawyer tried to explain “what…happened” as the result of cult involvement and “brainwashing.” And certainly the group’s rigid “Book of Rules” illustrated the total control maintained by its leader.

However, despite that undue influence the death of a helpless child required retribution.

Campbell will now be forced to gain whatever understanding she seeks during the coming decade in prison.

Winnfred Wright, the leader of the small group known simply as “The Family,” has already been sent to prison to serve 16 years.


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