The “cult” called the “Raelians” staged a “four day seminar” near Lake Mead in Nevada, but they failed to draw much interest.

Only fifty people showed up for their touted “national meeting,” reports the Las Vegas Sun.

It seems the bizarre group that once claimed without evidence it produced a human clone, is now running on empty as its publicity machine plays out.

Apparent megalomaniac and “cult” leader Claude Vorilhon, known to his followers as “Rael,” will no doubt try to come up with a new publicity ploy to generate more attention.

Vorilhon’s need for notice certainly seems insatiable.

First he claimed to be planning an earth embassy for space aliens. Then it was burning crosses to protest the Catholic Church.

The strange “cult leader” finally hit the media jackpot with clone claims, which appear to have been a hoax.

But this time there was no payoff for the Raelians in Nevada.

Has Rael played the media too long? It seems like his ability to work hot news topics is busted.

Vorilhon recently gambled on the Iraq war for publicity. Some of his followers stripped naked at a peace rally, but barely grabbed a mention.

Rael’s streak of luck seems to be over.

One peace movement leader said, “I just don’t take [Raelians] seriously.”

Very few people take Rael and his seemingly mindless “cult” clones seriously these days, which appear to be the only “clones” he ever really produced.

Maybe the French expatriate, whose estranged family once called him “little Claudy,” should pack up his hokey costumes and perform elsewhere?

Interestingly, before becoming a “cult leader” Vorilhon was a failed entertainer. His act doesn’t seem much improved.

Free lounge shows in Vegas are likely to be less boring.

In fact, the only place Rael’s act is likely to be booked, is within his “cult” compound called “UFO Land” in Canada.

Hopefully “little Claudy” will stay there for an indefinite and exclusive engagement.


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