The corporate shell called “Clonaid” seems as hollow as its post Christmas claims about creating the first human clone.

Everyone tied to the company apparently is connected to the “Raelians,” an alleged “cult” led by Claude Vorilhon who calls himself “Rael.”

Under oath in a deposition the “vice-president” of Clonaid appeared to be little more than a dutiful “cult” dupe, willing to take the heat for his leader.

When asked, “There is no Clonaid, correct? He bluntly replied, “Correct,” reports the Boston Globe.

Clonaid first popped up in West Virginia during 1997, through an apparent scam, which included a rich couple trying to bring back their dead son. It seems they were bilked out of a considerable sum.

The company was once registered in the Bahamas as “Valiant Venture Ltd.,” but was really more of a mail drop, until the Bahamian government shut it down.

Clonaid looks like another scheme contrived by “cult” leader Vorilhon for money and attention.

Claude Vorilhon came to Canada from France, where he left behind a deeply troubled personal history and estranged family.

Despite Vorihon’s grandiose claims about himself and his “cult” following, he offers no meaningful proof regarding anything he boasts about.

But the alleged “cult leader” appears clever enough to insulate himself from accountability through a myriad of contrived layers composed of loyal cult followers or “independent contractor[s]” between himself and the “clone” business.

As Vorilhon says, ”I have all the advantage without the inconvenience. It’s really a win-win situation.”

Clonaid hopes to grab $200,000 a crack for its “clones” and has an ”Insuraclone” program for $200 annually, whatever that is. It also wants to sell “donated eggs” for $5,000 apiece and is looking into the “pet cloning” business too.

This all sounds like another con for cash put together by “cult leader” Vorilhon.


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