Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, apparently is busy helping a “cult” recruit new members.

One such recruit writes, “I have joined a cult, a secret society where there are special books to memorize, pins and key chains given out and, coming soon, the secret handshake and obligatory chant.”

The name of this not so “secret society” is “Weight Watchers,” reports News Journal.

But rather than losing their minds, it seems adherents just lose weight.

The author of the article lost 52 pounds.

Does this sound like a healthy “cult”?

The writer notes that her new “cult” is not punitive. She claimed, “I had a cookie and a piece of chocolate, and my brethren in the cult didn’t knock down my door and make me give it all back.”

It seems everything is not black and white, good or evil in this group.

The Weight Watcher devotee says, “I have learned it’s OK to eat different things, even, heaven forbid, snack things, just as long as you don’t use a pitchfork to shovel it in.”

Not only does this cult lack its own compound, it seems to put pounds off altogether.


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