A preposterous claim by an unknown woman now purports that a “Satanic cult” or “crazies” killed Laci Peterson and her unborn child, reports KITV 4.

However, the “crazy” is probably the source for this story.

The Satanism scare of the late 80s and early 90s produced nothing but fantastic tales without any physical evidence.

Talk shows featured women that said they were “survivors” of supposed “ritual abuse” and /or their babies were “sacrificed.” Some said they were “breeders” designated for this purpose.

No evidence has ever proved a single one of these anecdotal stories and law enforcement ultimately dismissed them as myths.

The idea that a “cult” or “crazies” murdered Laci Peterson and her child appears ridiculous.

It is likely that when this source is pressed for proof there will be none.

However, no doubt that Scott Peterson’s defense team is happy to hear of any speculation that might potentially divert attention away from their client.


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