Hate group leader Matt Hale may be locked up, but his progeny still find ways to make trouble.

Hale headed a group once called “World Church of the Creator,” but is now in jail pending trial charged in an alleged murder plot to kill a federal judge.

However, Hale’s legal status hasn’t stopped his cronies from stirring up more trouble.

Repeatedly the courts have ruled that Hale’s “church” had no right to its name, which was originated by someone else. In what seemed like an effort of compliance he changed its title to “The Creativity Movement.”

However, in what looks like a brazen attempt to reject the rulings of US courts, the group has now launched a new website using the old name again, but this time based in Australia, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

Apparently Hale’s remaining faithful feel having an Internet server overseas somehow precludes previous domestic legal decisions.

This hate group has certainly given new meaning to the old adage “sore losers.”

It seems that even a murder plot to kill an unfriendly judge who ruled against them, just wasn’t enough to vent their anger and/or let off steam.

These losers seem still in the midst of the “mother of all temper tantrums.”


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