Kirstie Alley is husband hunting, but her prospects seem rather limited.

The former TV star told the Washington Post while campaigning for yet another Scientology cause that she’s shopping for another husband.

The actress who plugs for Pier 1 said husband number three should be “from 40 to 60…very funny, very smart…married before…had children [and not]…a psychiatrist.”

Scientologists are virtually phobic about mental health professionals. It seems that the religion’s founder L. Ron Hubbard was a bit “crazy” and perhaps feared being locked up.

There is one glaring matrimonial requirement Alley seems to have left out though.

She didn’t mention that perhaps the most important criteria for any potential suitor is his willingness to become involved with Scientology, or at least passively resigned to its influential role in the actress’s life.

Just ask Alley’s last husband actor Parker Stevenson.

Romantic interests and spouses of celebrity Scientologists are likely to be dumped if they don’t at least take a few courses sold by the church.

Ask Lisa Marie’s Presley’s last two husbands.

Nicole Kidman might also have some insight on this subject.

Alley explained that she’s “an absolutist.”

No doubt.

There is little room for much else in the black and white world of most “cult” members.


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