Hate group leader Matt Hale feels the “Windy City” isn’t blowing his way, reports Associated Press.

The jailed former head of the so-called “World Church of the Creator,” now named “The Creativity Movement,” wants a coming criminal trial moved to his hometown of Peoria, where he lived with his father.

But it’s unlikely the judge will grant a change of venue. The racist’s trial is currently scheduled for September.

Hale has been on a losing streak for some time.

First, he was refused admission to the Illinois State Bar, upheld on appeal.

Then he lost the use of the name “World Church of the Creator,” which actually was originated by a group in Oregon.

It was that setback that apparently led to Hale losing it entirely.

Then it seems a federal judge became the focus of his fury. Hale is charged for plotting to murder that judge.

A Chicago jail cell is now Hale’s new home. And he may not get back to the old bedroom at Daddy’s house for a long time.


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