New Yorker Fred Newman leads a movement named “Social Therapy,” which some critics have said is little more than a personality “cult.”

The organization, which supports Newman comfortably in a Manhattan townhouse, is based upon a network of volunteers and interlocking enterprises, such as the charity “All Stars.”

But entry into Newman’s world appears to begin for many rather innocently as patients to therapists under his influence.

One professional participant who studied Newman’s therapy approach is now speaking out critically about its seeming ethical lapses.

Erica Van Meir concluded, “In my opinion, it is a cult. And I don’t mean by that a bunch of a crazy, long-haired lunatics living in a commune. I think they’re very, very sophisticated — a modern-day cult.”

Complaints filed against Social Therapy practitioners in Atlanta are now under investigation by state officials, reports Creative Loafing.


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