Scientology is now apparently using the continuing crisis in the Middle East and calls for peace in the region as a new excuse for another front organization.

The so-called “Association for Peace and Understanding in the Middle East” (APUME) seems to be little more than another ploy to promote Scientology.

On its website APUME says, “We are volunteers —American, Palestinian and Israeli” with offices in “Florida” and “Los Angeles,” two bastions of activity for Scientology.

How does APUME advance the cause of peace?

This is supposedly accomplished through the distribution of booklets. And their featured publication is titled The Way to Happiness by Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard.

APUME says it has handed out more than a million of these booklets in Hebrew and Arabic and hung up “thousands” of promotional “posters.”

It seems if all the Israelis and Palestinians would just embrace Hubbard’s philosophy everything would be alright.

APUME claims it is “not a religious group and does not have a religious agenda.”


APUME says you too can help bring peace to the Middle East by giving them money to produce and distribute more booklets.

They advise, “Every dollar that you donate buys one copy of The Way to Happiness booklet for an Israeli family and one for a Palestinian family.”

How about that, two for one.

However, APUME looks like a Scientology gimmick to get the public to pitch in for one more of its self-promotional schemes.


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