Robert Vaughn Young was once a high ranking and trusted member of the Church of Scientology and served the organization faithfully for more than 20 years before leaving.

He once explained, “About 18 of those years was spent in or senior to Dept. 20 (now called the Office the Special Affairs or OSA), the section that deals with the ‘enemies’ of the organization, which comes to mean anyone who disagrees with or criticizes any aspect of Scientology, Hubbard or ‘management.”’

Ironically, after leaving Scientology Young became one of its most effective critics and “enemies.”

Young unraveled some of the spin any myths, which surrounded the organization. And who could better do it than a former insider and spin-doctor from its public relations department.

That work against Scientology concluded in 1999 when Young was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His final battle ended on June 15th.

Young held a masters degree in Philosophy and once taught for the University of California Davis.

Robert Vaughn Young will no doubt be vilified by Scientology as perhaps a traitor and/or “suppresive person” within its mythology.

But Young will be remembered by those who continue his fight against the “Cult of Greed” as a hero.


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