This time it is Louis Farrakhan Jr. 45, charged with beating his child. And junior has a sorry record of domestic violence, reports the Daily Southtown.

He plead guilty to beating his pregnant wife three years ago and received probation.

Earlier in May another Farrakhan, Nasir H. Farrakhan of Chicago, was charged for leaving the scene of an accident (‘hit and run”) and drunk driving.

What a mess the Farrakhan family seems to be.

Was Louis Farrakhan Sr. so busy leading the Nation of Islam that he neglected his family?

What guidance did he provide for his seemingly troubled sons as they grew up? And what will the prominent preacher do now?

The Nation of Islam certainly doesn’t doctrinally condone the type of behavior displayed by the Farrakhan children.

Perhaps Minister Farrakhan should take a sabbatical and spend more quality time with his family to straighten things out.


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