A feature film debuted this month focused upon a cult story, reports di-ve.com.

Titled “Savage Messiah” the movie is the true story of cult leader Roch Theriault and was directed by Mario Azzopardi. Its European Premiere Screening took place yesterday.

The film tells the all too familiar story these days, about an archetypal charismatic cult leader victimizing women and children.

Theriault calls himself “Moses,” but might easily be interchangeable with David Koresh. Both men exploited women sexually and sired many children.

In this account a child’s death prompts a social service worker to intervene.

Once again this is similar to other cult tragedies, such as the abuse of children within a Canadian group called the “Church of God Restoration,” led by Daniel Layne.

The caseworker in “Savage Messiah” wants to protect Theriault’s followers. And that struggle becomes the primary focus and conflict within the new film.

Sadly in many situations, the authorities actually arrive too late to protect many of those harmed by cult leaders.

“Savage Messiah” may seem “over the top” to some, but it is actually just one more account to add on the growing list of destructive cult stories around the world.

Hopefully, Azzopardi’s film will bring more attention to the plight of cult victims.


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