Vampire cult film

A low budget independent film is attempting to cash in on the sensational real-life story of a “vampire cult,” reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The story sounds like Goths gone wrong.

However, the so-called “Goth” movement is essentially benign and composed of somewhat odd and often anti-mainstream young people that like to dress in black, avoid the sunshine and live within their own rather dark subculture.

But one Goth group in Florida came under the spell of a psychopath.

This self-styled “vampire clan” was dominated by a leader called “The Maker,” who took his followers on a journey from a quirky group to a destructive cult.

This type of idiosyncratic cult was reminiscent of the Manson Family. That is, a group playing out the deluded fantasies of a deranged leader.

Rather than an indictment of the Goth movement, the film “Vampire Clan” serves, as a reminder of how personality-driven groups dominated by disturbed leaders can easily become destructive.

“The Maker” was sentencedd to death in the electric chair for murder, which was later reduced to life in prison.


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