It seems that the controversial Krishna organization, often called a “cult,” is expanding its outreach efforts in Africa.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), through its program “Food for Life” is passing out “hot meals” in Grahamstown, South Africa reports the East Cape News.

One teenage recipient said, “These people have been sent by God.” And a parent commented, “Our kids here in Grahamstown are struggling like hell, I just wish they (the Krishna’s) would be here forever.”

But some former Krishna kids don’t see the organization in such a benign light.

More than a few have sued the Krishna organization over its admitted sexual abuse of children.

These victims of Krishna are seemingly glad the group is out of their lives and certainly don’t connect “God” with ISKCON’s behavior.

Krishna has historically used community involvement such as soup kitchens, as an apparent tool for recruitment.

Perhaps Grahamstown residents should be less sanguine and more concerned with protecting teenagers from this purported “cult.”

There really is no “free lunch,” at least not from Krishna devotees, without the potential cost of personal injury.


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