The Harry Potter phenomenon continues at a breathless pace. The most recent addition to the series is now officially the fastest-selling book in history. More than three million copies were sold within the first 48 hours.

The preceding four installments of the Potter books written by J. K. Rowling have sold 192 million copies, 80 million in the US alone.

But the modest author whose estimated net worth is more than $400 million, can count some very nasty critics along with her fans reports Siffy News.

Accusations abound amongst fanatical religious types that Rowling’s books “promote witchcraft, occultism and Satanism.”

Some have even gone so far as to stage what they call “holy bonfires,” burning the alleged demonic tomes.

“God says in ‘Deuteronomy’ that witchcraft is an abomination. Whatever God hates, I hate,” advised one hellfire preacher.

However, other Christian clergy seem to see things quite differently according to a report aired on WHSV-TV3 of Virginia.

One clergyman claimed that the Potter books actually “possess…some good Judeo-Christian values like cooperation, like friendship, and honesty.”

“When you can get a kid, especially a teenager, an eighth grader…to sit down and read a book that’s 300-400, even 700 pages long, I say go for it,” added a schoolteacher.

It seems more like sour grapes rather than Satan is at the bottom of some the criticism directed against the Rowling books. The author has stated publicly that she doesn’t even believe in magic.

What’s next banning or burning the Wizard of Oz?

Perhaps her religious critics just don’t appreciate children’s fascination with something they don’t control. Or is it just their obsession with some bogeyman they hope to pose as protection from?


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