CultNews reported last month how Scientology seemed to be using the plight of New York firemen to promote its own agenda through a so-called “clinic” in downtown Manhattan.

Well it seems Scientology is now taking its show on the road and soliciting donations with NY firemen as featured guests.

Firefighters from New York flew to Colorado apparently as promotional props for the Scientology related project “Downtown Medical” reported the Vail Daily.

Some funding was solicited through “The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund.”

James Woodworth, who heads another Scientology related program called HealthMed in California, was on hand in Vail as the director of operations for the “New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.”

Doctors at the California Department of Health Services have accused HealthMed of making “false medical claims” and of “taking advantage of the fears of workers and the public about toxic chemicals and their potential health effects.”

A retired New York fireman appeared in Vail and claimed that the Scientology ritual of cleansing called the “purification rundown” “miraculously reversed [his] health.”

However, a source recently told CultNews that some New York firemen and their families are not happy with the “Downtown Clinic” and feel their union should identify its programs as Scientology related and investigate any related health risks.

The “purification rundown” used by the clinic is based upon the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The “rundown” includes sweating out toxins in a sauna and large doses of niacin.

A Swedish medical expert concluded, “There is no documentation to show that the Hubbard method of detoxification…conforms to scientific standards and medical experience.” And that “the risks and side effects of the treatment method have also not been evaluated in a serious way.”

It seems like Scientology is shilling Hubbard’s “rundown” frantically lately.

John Travolta’s wife and fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston promoted another “purification rundown” program on Montel to expel environmental toxins like carpet cleaner.

The “rundown” is also an essential component of Narconon; a Scientology related drug rehab program.

So why has the New York Fireman’s Union remained silent about all this?

Shouldn’t union officials protect firemen by investigating such controversial programs before they become involved to avoid any potential health risks?

Scientology related programs might prove to be a “toxin” difficult to purge from within the New York Fire Department.


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