A guru in Jamaica Queens, New York names races after himself such as the “Sri Chinmoy 3100-Mile Race” and the “Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Race.”

The annual events were reported in the Fresh Meadows Times and Ultramarathon World, which seems to be the point, the aging guru wants recognition and likes to see his name in print.

Other publicity stunts historically have included Sri Chinmoy reportedly lifting sheep and fantastic weights, but always with the help of a mechanical device.

The guru’s followers at times have broken world records in his name, such as the most consecutive summersaults, or hopping on a pogo stick underwater—anything to draw attention to their guru.

Some say such extreme devotion reflects “cult” control. One young man allegedly died practicing for a stunt to honor Chinmoy.

This is one event the guru wants forgotten and there are other issues he hopes will be ignored.

Former members have repeatedly accused the guru of sexual abuse and exploitation of his followers. They say the self-proclaimed “celibate” actually takes in more than exercise to meet his physical needs.

And like many “cult leaders” this guru has restaurants, which can be quite profitable since devotees often work for little pay. Chinmoy runs several vegetarian eateries; one thrives within Flushing Queens.

A New York food critic recently raved about Chinmoy’s low prices though she admitted, “The place is run by…a cultish group.” But then advised, “Don’t let this stop you from trying their restaurant.” Adding, “You get used to the Sri Chinmoy music in the background,” reported the Queens Chronicle.

The guru business continues to pay well and Chinmoy apparently can count on the press to promote his pet projects and business concerns.

This is one guru that likes to meditate comfortably.


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