Increasingly it is becoming apparent that nothing ever really changes in the land that Brigham built.

Despite demographics that show Salt Lake City (SLC) is becoming less Mormon, the Mormon Church (LDS) essentially still dominates everything.

Forget that contrived image created for the Summer Olympics by LDS leaders through a slick public relations campaign. They wanted tourists to believe that their city was somehow a modern cosmopolitan place, a pluralistic experiment within largely ethnocentric Utah.

The first proof of this false image came when LDS stamped out free speech for dissenters around its historic temple in downtown Salt Lake.

More cracks in the Mormon PR façade are now showing as the church makes clear it has its own master plan for SLC, even when it comes to shopping.

The Mormon Church is now defining Salt Lake City’s Planning Commission policy regarding anchor stores proposed for a new shopping plaza reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Maybe it is God’s will that city residents should not have a Nordstrom or Target?

The same LDS attorney who cut the deal with the city to silence free speech around Temple Square is now busy working the latest church demands concerning potential shopping destinations.

It seems the Mormon Church has a salvation plan, even when it comes to shoppers.

SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson has already learned the hard way that bucking LDS is an easy way to lose your job. And so he is dutifully waiting to receive the latest LDS commandments from on high.

However, one developer said these latest church edicts are “going to send a chilling message to retailers across the country” about coming to Salt Lake City.

But LDS doesn’t seem to care if the city’s shoppers lose out.

The salient point is simple; the Mormon Church rules SLC. And if you don’t do things its way, there’s always the highway out of town.


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