The International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) went bankrupt to avoid financial problems due to child abuse claims.

However, despite claims of insufficient cash to cover a court judgement ISKCON has found the spare change to remodel a temple complex in India reports Mid Day of India.

New additions will include “a wedding hall, guest houses and new classrooms for its ICSE board[ing] school.”

It was within boarding schools run by Krishna that children were raped and horrifically abused.

In the recently dismissed class action lawsuit some of those Krishna kids sought compensation for their pain and suffering, which was openly acknowledged by ISKCON leaders.

A Ford Motor heir donated $10 million dollars to build yet another temple for ISKCON in Calcutta. Alfred Ford, the great-grandson of Henry Ford, says he wants it to be Krishna’s version of the “Vatican.”

But why doesn’t the organization earmark this money for rebuilding the lives of abused Krishna children rather than erecting another edifice?

ISKCON wants the public to believe it has “changed,” but many of the key leaders that presided over the group’s darkest days are still in power.

It often seems that when Krishna leaders say “change,” they really mean a bit of remodeling, like the announced additions to an Indian temple.

However, the basic problems that have caused many to consider ISKCON a “cult” still seem intact.

Maybe that’s why former Beatle George Harrison, a long-time supporter of the group, left all his money to family and no cash for Krishna in the end?


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