The Book of Mormon claims it’s the history of migrating Hebrews who came to the Western Hemisphere and started a new civilization after the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem thousands of years ago.

However, according to reputable historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and DNA experts this never happened.

Outside of Mormon sources you won’t find anything about the mythological cities and characters cited by Joseph Smith.

Smith was the supposed discoverer and translator of this religious tome and founder of the Mormon Church.

Most credible scholars surmised long ago that Smith was more of a con man than a “prophet,” though if you are Mormon coming to such a logical conclusion might be the basis for your excommunication.

After more than a century with nothing to show as proof regarding their book, one Mormon has finally come up with something.

Gary Rogers has made “The Book of Mormon Movie.”

The Mormon moviemaker spent $2 million on his pet project and staged a world premiere last night in Sandy, Utah reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Well, if you can’t have a museum exhibition why not a movie? And if scholars won’t confirm your myth there’s always Hollywood.

Parts of the newly proclaimed epoch were filmed on a Hollywood soundstage.

The producer hopes that his fellow Mormons will buy admission around the world. And basically this would seem to be the film’s only viable audience.

Rogers plans more installments, but only if ticket sales hold up. Apparently even his faith has limits.


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