Greta Van Susteren is the queen at Fox News and regularly wins the ratings wars against her old employer CNN reports the Kansas City Star.

The Midwest newspaper gushed about Van Susteren’s success and quoted a source parenthetically about how “she and her husband are heavily into the Church of Scientology.”

But Greta and hubby John Coale, both lawyers, seem to have been more than just “into” Scientology. They did some rather interesting legal work reportedly linked to their church.

It is often said that suing is something like a religious rite for Scientology. Maybe this explains why Van Susteren and Coale once appeared together to figuratively sing “hallelujah” from a court pew in Ohio.

The two devout Scientologists represented an apparent puppet plaintiff in what appears to have been a harassment lawsuit filed against Wellspring Retreat, a nonprofit licensed mental health facility for former cultists.

The suit was eventually dropped and never went to trial. But not before the noted rehab was bled considerably defending itself.

Some time later Van Susteren experienced her first makeover into a credible journalist for CNN. Then came her literal physical transformation through plastic surgery to look good for Fox.


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