A controversial group called a “cult” by local residents suffered a serious setback in New York federal court yesterday reports the Albany Times-Union.

NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) also known as “Executive Success Programs” has filed lawsuits against John Hochman, MD and Paul Martin, Ph.D. regarding their written analysis of the group and its programs.

The Ross Institute (TRI) was also sued for publishing those reports.

The group founded by Keith Raniere, a failed multi-level marketing guru, wants $9 million dollars in damages.

Raniere’s lawyers claim that because NXIVM material is quoted within the reports Hochman, Martin and TRI are guilty of “trade secret” and “copyright” violations.

However, a federal judge once again denied NXIVM’s requests for temporary injunctions, aimed at removing the critical articles from the Internet.

This is the third time the court has turned down Raniere’s efforts to suppress the information.

Interestingly, NXIVM’s recent defeat comes not long after The Hague gutted Scientology’s last hope of removing its own trade secrets and copyright protected material from view on the Internet.

Scientology, the controversial church that Time Magazine dubbed the “Cult of Greed,” has a long history of legal defeats. Observers have often claimed the organization simply uses litigation as a vehicle to target its perceived enemies.

In an ironic twist, a well-known Scientology operative Nancy O’Meara claimed that she is cooperating with NXIVM regarding its current New York litigation.

“I am working on two cases right now where [The Ross Institute] is being sued for copyright trademark violation (filed in July 2003),” stated O’Meara in an email dated August 22nd.

It appears that Raniere is being coached by Scientology, arguably the most litigious “cult” in the world.

And judging by his recent court setbacks, the man NXIVM devotees call “Vanguard” may be losing his edge by following in Scientology’s dubious legal footsteps.


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