In a precedent setting decision The Court of Appeal in the Hague overturned lower court rulings and cleared the way for an Internet database in Holland to continue to make public “secret Scientology documents” reports The Register.

Karin Spaink of Amsterdam was sued by Scientology for allegedly violating its copyright by posting supposedly protected material on her website.

But Spaink’s site is now “legally approved” and beyond the grasp of Scientology’s lawyers.

This represents a major defeat for Scientology.

Historically, the controversial church has experienced many setbacks in Europe.

So anyone interested in reading the so-called “secret” teachings of Scientology need not pay the church for the privilege, nor endure its often long, tedious and expensive process of instruction.

Instead of paying for pricey courses like Tom Cruise or John Travolta you can find out about Scientology’s basic beliefs for free, by simply visiting Spaink’s website.

Apparently Scientology wanted to keep its basic foundational religious beliefs behind closed doors.

This does seem a bit strange for a purported “religion,” and appears to be the equivalent of Christians hiding the New Testament and refusing to disclose the role of Jesus within Christianity.

Spaink says, “Scientology does not want their followers to know what’s in store for them.”

Why would Scientology want to keep its salvation plan a secret?

Doesn’t the truth set you free?


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