Alleged murderer Scot Peterson sits in jail while his lawyers appear to be feverishly playing the role of media spin-doctors specializing in Satanism.

Once again the never-ending Peterson spin machine churned out yet another “satanic cult” theory, which they hope will focus attention away from their client.

Up until now Peterson’s lawyers have not pointed out a plausible “satanic cult” specifically by name as the possible murderers responsible for the brutal slaying of Laci Peterson and her unborn son Conner.

But now it seems they have found one to tag in their latest theory, which may hang literally by a thread.

The Peterson’s defense team has found an overcoat they claim may belong to a cult member that supposedly bragged about killing Laci Peterson reports the Modesto Bee.

They are still woefully short on specifics, such as who is the bragging cultist in the overcoat, but they have come up with another prop for their production.

Last time it was gruesome graffiti near the bay, which somehow linked the murder to a cult of “satanic” artists.

That theory flopped when the artists came forward and said they were more of a club and certainly not “Satanists.”

And before this tale there were scary stories from a self-proclaimed “cult survivor.”

Now it’s an overcoat with an Oakland Raiders patch. Maybe the Raiders are somehow suspect?

Peterson’s attorneys did come up with a possible group to cast suspicion upon this time. A violent cult whose leaders are in prison, which has been defunct for more than a decade.

The Peterson defense team wants the press, public and potential jury pool to believe that somehow there is a malevolent remnant still roving the streets of Modesto.

Uh huh.

A former Modesto police officer familiar with the cult named wasn’t buying it. “One minute it’s white supremacy, one minute it’s God, one minute it’s witchcraft and the next it’s Satan,” he pointed out.

What’s next for Scott Peterson’s lawyers after this story sputters and then fails?

Stay tuned as the busy defense team churns out one conspiracy theory after another.

The problem with their latest showing, is even though they managed to come up with another prop, shouldn’t they at least provide one actor?

If Peterson’s attorneys are so intent on staging a satanic show at court time, they will need more than props to convince a jury. And something more than imprisoned cultists to hang their coat on.


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