Key people at the employment firm Taylor Hodson are long-time followers of a notorious “cult leader” named Sharon Gans.

Gans runs something called “the work,” a school that charges its students substantial monthly fees, which has afforded the former actress/”cult leader” a lavish lifestyle.

Company President Minerva Taylor, Vice President Janice Crosby, Director of Temp. Services Suzanne Griffin and Senior Account Executive Cyntia May are all long-time Gans students.

Some say Gans herself may be a “silent partner” at Taylor Hodson.

The notorious “cult leader” fled San Francisco in the 1970s amidst allegations of abuse. But she eventually made her new home Manhattan.

Gans primary residence is now within a luxury New York apartment building that includes celebrity residents such as Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. Tomei is reportedly her next door neighbor.

In March of 2002 Gans and her group found themselves in the media spotlight.

Rosie O’Donnell went on the warpath after discovering that an Oscar-nominated documentary she donated her voiceover for was connected to a “homophobic cult” that also had historically excluded blacks.

The “cult” being scrutinized was none other than the Gans group.

The talk show host came out swinging when Gans was exposed as a “Gay basher.” O’Donnell urged Oscar voters to ban the documentary, which subsequently lost.

However, all the bad press did not deter the loyalty of Gans fans over at Taylor Hodson, who remained ever faithful to their controversial leader.

Some former members of “the work” say that getting work through Taylor Hodson might include at least some exposure to the teachings of Sharon Gans.

Gans has historically encouraged her followers to develop recruitment opportunities within their daily lives. And this type of subtle proselytizing has at times proven effective.

Is it possible that some of the executives over at Taylor Hodson do at least a little proselytizing part-time? And are some of the professionals recruited by the company perhaps recruited into just a little more than they signed up for?


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