Denis Leary held his third annual bash for New York’s Bravest at a hotel in Manhattan

“I started this after 9/11 to help the families of firefighters,” he told Cindy Adams at the New York Post (October 24).

Other notable celebrities such as Jim Gandolfini, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore and John McEnroe have been past supporters of this event.

And celebrities at helping out for this year’s bash included Robert De Niro, Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant and Kiefer Sutherland.

However, one star may have a somewhat hidden agenda of his own.

“Tom Cruise has been behind the scenes for a year,” Leary said. The devout Scientologist is reportedly concerned about “guys with breathing problems from the smoke.”

Leary says Cruise wants “to build them a steam and sauna place on Long Island…[to help] their condition.” And that the actor has “gotten involved with funding it privately.”

But what the well-meaning Leary and other celebs may not know is that almost any charity Cruise becomes involved in is usually connected to Scientology in some way, whether its an education project or NYC rescue workers.

No doubt that the proposed “steam and sauna place” is based upon what Scientologists call the “purification rundown” a religious ritual they believe purifies people. The same rundown is touted by “Downtown Medical,” a controversial clinic in lower Manhattan closely associated with Scientology.

Perhaps Denis Leary should be careful about at least one celebrity he has included in his well-meaning annual event.


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