N. Eldon Tanner a past member of the Mormon First Presidency said before his death in 1983 that downtown Salt Lake City (SLC) is “the Mormon Church’s living room” reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

And they have their own interior design plans too.

The Mormon Church (LDS) has decided how downtown Salt Lake will be developed in some detail.

LDS unveiled its plan earlier this month, right down to allotted parking.

The church owns related shopping malls and bought up other nearby property through one of its holding corporations.

LDS will apparently dictate what stores; restaurants and drinking will be allowed.

Mayor Rocky Anderson called the plan “fantastic” reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Anderson learned the hard way not to oppose the church, through its heavy-handed effort to halt free speech around its historic downtown temple.

A former SLC mayor said LDS must “keep its living room clean [and] attractive.”

But at least half of the city’s residents are not practicing Mormons. Isn’t downtown also their living room?

Never mind.

The best non-Mormons can expect to decide upon is maybe a recreation room in the suburbs, while their supposedly representative government, meets in the dining room to eat whatever LDS serves.


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