Rev. Moon founder of the Unification Church, which is often called a “cult,” is certainly getting quite a bang for his buck these days at United Press International.

The self-proclaimed proclaimed “messiah” may not garner much attention at Associated Press, but he can always count on UPI.

And why not? After all he owns it.

Moon to Peace Council: Remove boundaries,” dutifully announces one UPI correspondent.

Religious council pushing for UN presence,” reports another.

Not to be left out the Washington Times, also controlled by Moon, chimed in “Clerics rally for peace at the UN.”

And so early this month Moon presided over a gathering at the New Yorker Hotel, another one of his acquisitions.

This included “a dozen former heads of state” at a ballroom bash.

Moon historically has paid huge honorariums for big names to show up at staged events, such as former President George H. Bush.

Besides indulging Moon’s penchant for speaking endlessly, one speech he gave lasted 16 hours; the “cult leader” announced that he wants a religious organization he controls to have full United Nations status.

Moon has his very own UN NGO (non-government organization) called the “Interreligious International Foundation for World Peace” (IIFWP), that he started with his wife in 1999.

But that’s apparently not enough for the would-be “messiah.” He now wants it recognized as an “official organ of the United Nations.”

Moon says his organization’s agenda is about achieving world peace by erasing national boundaries.

However, it seems that like virtually all Moon’s other grandiose ideas this one serves to feed its originator’s apparent megalomania.

“Your mission now is to engrave into your memory the meaning of my declaration today regarding ‘The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace,’ Return to your communities…for [the] purpose of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven… this is my direction, my order…”

When Moon talks about a “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth” imagine a one-world government run under his “direction,” set up as a dictatorship much like the “cult” he rules.

But is all this maybe Moon’s last hurrah?

Some sources say that the 83-year-old “messiah” is eyeing a potential spot to “spend his remaining years” reported the Joong Ang Daily.

However, would Moon be satisfied preaching to tourists at his resort? And unless it was inhabited as an exclusive “Moonie” retreat, would vacationers gladly endure his endless rants?

The answer to both questions is probably no.


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