Madonna has morphed from pop diva to virtually a full-time proselytizer in her ever-increasing promotional blitz and missionary effort on behalf of Philip Berg and his so-called “Kaballah Centre.”

Visit and the first thing you see dead center, alongside a glamour shot of the middle-aged icon, is a link to “learn more about Kaballah for kids.”

Madonna’s new children’s book English Roses, a give-away at the Gap, is also hyper-linked and closely related to the same “Kaballah Centre” pitch “Spirituality for Kids.”

It seems that almost everything Madonna does is somehow tied to the Berg business.

The woman who once sang “papa don’t preach” never seems to stop preaching.

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes may be getting the worst of it.

The former “Material Girl’s” child has little choice other than to follow her recast spiritual mom’s religious preference. Madonna sends her daughter to classes and programs at the controversial center, which has been called a “cult.”

Maybe some day as the girl matures she will reject her mother’s “spirituality,” as Madonna once opted out of what she perceived as the rigidity of her family’s Catholicism.

And then Lourdes may end up singing the reprise, “Mama don’t preach.”


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