An heir to the Ford Motor fortune wants to build a center for the Krishna movement in Moscow, but has encountered stiff opposition from the Russian Orthodox Church reports the London Guardian.

The group has often been called a “cult” and has a sordid history of child sexual abuse. And one of its most important leaders was criminally convicted and sent to prison.

However, Ford seems oblivious to Krishna’s troubled past and intent upon giving them millions for construction projects. He has already dropped $10 million for what has been labeled the Krishna “Vatican” in India.

The leader of the group’s Russian devotees is seeing red though, over the Orthodox Church’s opposition to his Moscow building plans.

He called the historic church “one of the most totalitarian sects in the world.”

Sounds like “the pot calling the kettle black” doesn’t it?

Krishna’s history of dictators began with its founder “His Divine Grace” Prabhupada, down to the present hierarchy.

“For me the most important thing is to spread the Hindu knowledge,” claimed the Krishna leader.

But Hindus have said that the so-called “Krishna Consciousness movement” is little more than an aberration and fringe group, outside of mainstream Hinduism.

And within the ranks of “cults” it is Krishna that appears to be “one of the most totalitarian sects in the world.”


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