Yesterday MSNBC picked up the story about “Dr.” John Gray and his “worthless” degrees.

Jeanette Walls wrote that the author of the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus “has credentials from the twilight zone.”

Gray’s assistant Rosalinda Lynch attempted to defend the “doctor” by claiming that the recent reports about Gray were “very poorly researched, incorrect, mean-spirited and of little consequence.”

CultNews not only stands firmly behind those reports, but also has more to add.

Lynch is apparently in charge of Gray’s spin machine.

She recently stated that his “Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University [CPU]…was fully approved by the State of California during [his]…tenure.”

However, this effort at spin avoids the fact that the degree is not, nor has it ever been accredited and thus is essentially “worthless.”

A report about CPU on Quackwatch specifically includes John Gray on its list.

Lynch made what appears to be a deliberately misleading statement on behalf of her employer.

She said, “His second doctorate is from Governor’s State University in Illinois, which is fully accredited.”

However, according to the university the doctorate Lynch refers to is a “honorary degree,” that was given to Gray when he spoke at its 2003 commencement.

One again, it is certainly not an accredited degree. And Governor’s State University in Illinois doesn’t have a doctorate program.

Lynch even seems willing to lie for her boss.

She stated, “He has a masters from the American branch of the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, which is fully accredited.”

CultNews called both the registrar and alumni association at Iowa’s Maharishi U, and Gray is neither listed there as a graduate or alumni.

Perhaps Lynch is as much taken in by Gray, as many mainstream media outlets seem to have been.

Gray’s assistant once offered an emotional testimonial on

Rosalinda Lynch posted, “I would like to thank [you] for writing Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I’ve had some relationships in or out of desperation or loneliness. I have had engagement offers, but all for wrongful reasons. I know the next time I would like to have it for the right reasons.”

Sounds like Lynch may fit within the category of the “doctor’s” loyal cult following composed of true believers.

What about the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC), that both list Gray as a professional member?

Was his acceptance into these organizations granted as a matter of faith?

John Gray clearly violated both the ACA and IAMFC professional membership requirements, which stipulate that an applicant must have appropriate educational credentials, and be honest not misleading about his or her education.

And how about all those licensed mental health professionals that paid Gray fees for the privilege of being licensed as “Mars/Venus Counseling Centers“?

What professional status is there to being “personally trained by Dr. John Gray,” when Gray has no accredited credentials?

Ms. Lynch was sent an email yesterday citing specifically the substance of this report.

There was no response from Mr. Gray’s office.

Note: CultNews has been unable to verify that John Gray is a high school graduate, though one of his office assistants insists he did complete the 12th grade and received an accredited diploma.


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