John Gray’s bizarre claims about his education make him look more like a Martian than a reputable “doctor.”

The New York Post picked up the story first reported at CultNews about the relationship guru who faked an accredited college education.

Gray calls himself a “doctor,” but has no accredited college degree, even though he belongs to professional organizations that require them.

How did this ruse go on for so long?

It is startling that Gray was able to fool so many professionals, national publications, and network television news programs for more than a decade.

Even Oprah and Larry King were taken in, not to mention Harper Collins Gray’s publisher.

CultNews is still trying to verify that John Gray has an accredited high school diploma.

It seems he hooked up with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM) while still attending high school in Houston.

Gray spent nearly a decade as a celibate devotee of Maharishi before launching his own career as a relationship guru.

Did the teenage TMer drop out so he could meditate full-time with his mentor Maharishi?

One thing is certain. Any degree Gray claims beyond high school is not accredited and essentially worthless.

Hopefully, the so-called relationship “expert” at least managed to pick up his high school diploma before hitting the road with Maharishi.


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