A notorious “cult” has filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Social Services (DSS) in North Carolina claiming its “religious rights” have been violated reports the Digital Courier.

Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), led by Jane Whaley, has been in court quite a bit this past year. But now it seems the “cult” wants to retaliate by initiating its own legal action and Whaley may be receiving advice from arguably the most litigious “cult” in the world, Scientology.

Eric Lieberman, a New York attorney that has frequently represented Scientology, reportedly has joined Jane Whaley’s legal team.

Lieberman is a seasoned trooper for Scientology in its seemingly endless litigation, used as a device to silence its critics and keep secret religious writings off the Internet.

This Scientology lawyer certainly has his work cut out for him with his new client.

During 2003 several children were removed from WOFF due to abuse. Most recently a judge ordered four children taken out of WOFF declaring it an “abusive environment” for kids. The children were placed with DSS, which had investigated repeated abuse charges against the group.

Whaley apparently thinks that the “abusive” treatment of children is somehow a “religious right.”

A spokesperson for DSS responded, “I feel like we’ve done our job in terms of policy and law and we’ll continue to do so.”

But Whaley has historically gotten her way in Spindale, a town in North Carolina where hundreds of her followers live and work. And she doesn’t like the job DSS has done on her.

Like Scientology Whaley appears intent upon using litigation as a means of retaliation against her perceived enemies.

So can veteran Scientology litigator Lieberman turn things around for Whaley?

The WOFF leader appears to be something of a public relations nightmare with quite a temper. She was recently charged for assaulting a woman that decided to ignore her edicts and leave the group.

Sounds like Whaley is a sore loser and can’t handle rejection.

Lieberman and his new client are unlikely to win friends in North Carolina by suing a social service agency. Of course the New York attorney will just pick up his check and leave town.

Scientology has purportedly turned litigation into something of a religious rite. Maybe that’s the “religious right” Whaley is really concerned about in her apparent “holy war” with DSS.


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