Tom Cruise is out plugging his new movie The Last Samurai, but some reports question the A-list actor’s priorities.

“It is clear that he has something else on his mind: Scientology…It’s unclear whether Cruise was asked to promote Scientology or whether he simply feels compelled to spread the word,” observed a reporter for the Chicago Sun Times.

Scientology’s biggest star and cheerleader is out relentlessly shilling and/or spinning for his religion at virtually every press junket stop on his busy schedule.

Cruise after all has quite a burden, he is it seems Scientology last superstar.

John Travolta continues to stumble from one flop movie to another, Kirstie Alley is plugging for Pier 1 and Lisa Marie Presley’s singing career didn’t exactly take off.

So Tom Terrific appears to be Scientology’s relentless “Top Gun” relied upon for press spin and essentially free advertising regarding its various programs and ongoing agenda.


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